Design & Build Systems

Over the years, Whitney and Son has been involved in numerous projects throughout the Northeast. We draw on our vast resources and first quality suppliers to find solutions to your needs. Our customers tend to look at Whitney as problem solvers as a result of our track record of successfully exceeding expectations.

We believe simple is better. We begin by first trying to understand all of the objectives. This is made much easier by our knowledge of our customers’ equipment and process flows. We believe it is important to get the most out of existing equipment and quantify process flow with belt cuts. If we confirm the existing equipment cannot achieve the objectives, we develop a flow which not only fits the plant, but will reliably satisfy the requirements.

We can handle the simple to the complex. From installing a screen custom tailored to fit an existing feed point and chute work or installing a crusher to designing large scale plant improvement projects or full scale plant design. Whatever your needs, we can help.

From Supplies To Systems

We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, impeccable customer assistance, and the array of products and services we offer.